Most Cassone baked goods are shipped far beyond the New York fresh market. Boxes of frozen bread are trucked all across America to satisfy the hungry palates of hundreds of foodservice and retail distributor customers. They demand the very best bread, J.J.Cassone's.

J.J. Cassone Bakery, Inc. of New York, in business since 1910, is carrying forward the company's heritage of Italian full-flavored breads, started by John Joseph Cassone.

For some, the love of good bread dwells in their blood and in their heart, as it has for this third generation family and their employees. They treasure their heritage of Italian, full flavor retarded processed breads. Smell our bread. It has a rich, fermented flavor. Tear a kaiser or hoagie roll apart. Feel the "strength", the elasticity of the dough. Note the distinct density of the crust, like a skin. Taste the bread. It has an Old Italian quality that goes far beyond the simple flavors of flour, water and yeast. There's only one way we know to make bread with the flavor and texture of Cassone's: retarding. That's right. Our breads are retarded! Retarding is a costly process in baking, so costly that very few bakeries do it. But the retarding process is the only way we know to make great tasting, great eating bread.

The plant has a wealth of state-of-the-art processing systems, including 6 tunnel ovens, unique proofing/retarding systems, Peerless mixers and much more. Production at Cassone's 110,000 sq. ft. facility takes place on three floors. Out come not only Italian breads and pastries, but also bagels, French breads, Bakery buns, Kaiser Rolls and Danishes, over 750 kinds of baked goods.

Then to assure the freshness, we stop the staling clock by sending our bread from the oven to our 12000 sq. ft. freezer. The clock doesn't start again until you decide to thaw the bread. And that's why people say, "Cassone's Frozen Bread Is Fresher Than Fresh!"

Want to know more? Call us at 1-800-331-7504.

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J. J. Cassone Bakery

202 South Regent Street. Port Chester, New York 10573

Contact Sales: 800-331-7504 In New York: 914-939-1568